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Thursday, 06 December 2007


Marge Christie

the only changes I would make are to correct the small Roman Numeral in the second paragraph from (iv) to (v) and at the top of page 2 to include Australia as one of the places where there is a woman's desk.

I hope this gets submitted to DAW tomorrow morning December 7) at the latest.

Florence Wakoko

Here are a few comments:

In the second paragraph titled: "The Participation of Anglican Women", the sentence starting with "....women and girls are the poor, the oppressed ..." would sound stronger if you quoted some statistics to reinforce the point.

Fourth paragraph 14th line. Quote the year in which the conference was held in the Great Lakes Region to address gende-based violence.

The paragraph titled: 52nd Session of the UNCSW
Second paragraph -- it would be interesting to have a general picture of the proportion of women currently involved in microfinance to support our argument that there is a need to expand these initiatives to benefit more women.


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